Keto Non Veg

Karthikeyan Kesavaraj | 10 Jul 2020

Click on each day to get the diet chart

13 thoughts on "Keto Non Veg"

  1. Sharmi says:

    Keto i am start coach

  2. Gowtham says:

    Bro chicken gram’s ?

  3. Kishore says:

    I am know 80k bro what diet I can take.

  4. Krishna Mahendran says:

    Kindly save diet plan for a week so in lockdown time v ll buy for a week and store it.

  5. prabhu says:

    low cost diet chart upload panrigala pls

  6. T.Gowsalya says:

    Bro NAA keto non veg diet follow Panna pora my start date 13/7/20 wokking 5 km poga pora diet chat solluga daily please

  7. Ani says:

    What is the quantity level ?
    That is kilograms of each items.
    Please tell.

  8. sujith kumar says:

    Thank you very much vijay anna 🙏🙏🙏

  9. Leninkumar says:

    Vijay Bro work out panrathuku morning best or evening best solunka bro workout panrathuku morning breakfast and night dinner evalo cap irukanum

  10. Balachandar says:

    Thanks vijay bro, this chart really useful to me

  11. Pinki sivakkumaran says:

    Vijay i am Pinki from singapore and following balanced diet, my age is 41 my weight is 58 now, may i know my ideal weight and how many kg need to reduce. i am seeing the website and bit confused. can advise me, Hi karthikeyan sir, would you able to advise.

  12. Balakrishna says:

    Diet Chart for day 7 isn’t opening. Instead of this balanced veg diet chart for day 7 is opening. Kindly look into it

  13. MARGOSCHIS says:

    Hi coach

    Very nice teach

    Good effort

    Best inspiration

    Amazing motive speach

    Past three days i watch hour videos

    No words to say thanks

    Really i missed a lot

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