Balanced Diet Veg

Karthikeyan Kesavaraj | 10 Jul 2020

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28 thoughts on "Balanced Diet Veg"

  1. A sohail says:

    Bro nightla soya chunks sapata nenjilaya irukum bro alternate sollunga bro

  2. C.Meenakshi Sundari says:

    Hello Sir,

  3. C.Meenakshi Sundari says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am participating in this challenge to lwt loss and also fat loss.As per ur guidance completed 3kms in 40 mins as a beginner and also decided to follow balanced diet.Tq

  4. Shyam says:

    Hai Bro
    One doubt I’m in normal weight bro that’s Normal BMI bro
    Ennaku fat loss ku entha diet best bro
    Ennaku Belly fat and side la than fat irruku bro

  5. Ramya karthic says:

    Hello sir, balanced diet two or combinations can you suggest for me sir as a beginner

  6. Sakthi.R says:

    Thank you Anna.. Provide one week diet eppo tha next week Enna buy pannum plan Pani diet panna easy erukkum…thank you once again

  7. padmanaban P says:

    Really I appreciate ur work. I am following ur push up techniques for the past one week.Moderate change I noted . following ur 100 days challenge.

  8. padmanaban P says:

    Pl upload the diet charts in PDF form

  9. Prakash says:

    I am now 90kg. I would want to reduce 20 kg. I will join in this 100 days challenge

  10. V.Gowri says:

    Thankyou bro, i follow ur instruction, very very useful

  11. Balamurugan says:

    Super friend very beautiful

  12. Raghulkannan R says:

    Hai bro i am seeing your videos last 3 days i very well Impress bro thanks for your guidance bro. I want lose my weight but which diet chart should be follow bro. I am beginner and my age 20, my height 177cm, weight 95kg bro which diet chart is suitable for me bro….

  13. Ganga says:

    Supper bro u r the real hero


    Hi anna, I have joined 100 days fat to fit challenge, I have seen all u r videos, but still I didn’t get any idea, y because I don’t know,whom to follow eg: u and akka, m a beginner(female-27yrs old) , so , I need exact person to follow and daily workouts and pls make a video regarding.tq

  15. indhu says:

    Thanks bro

  16. Jammy says:

    What abt the day 6 and 7?

  17. Kumaravelu says:

    Thank u for the diet chart I lost 2 kg🤩🤩doing a great job continue 👍👍

  18. Rajadeepa. says:

    Thank u very much to all the team members for your efforts. I was literally waiting for vegetarian diet. It would be appreciated if u could send us some exercises for thyroid persons

  19. Jeevananthan says:

    Sir veg and non veg diet mix pannalama

    1. Karthikeyan Kesavaraj says:

      Sure you can.

  20. Sathishkumar BM says:

    Where is day 6 balanced diet for veg

  21. Balakrishna says:

    Thanks a lot for great Job.
    Balanced Diet for Day 1 is missing. Instead of it Paleo Diet for day 5 is opening. an you please look into it.

  22. Vishnupriya says:

    Bro atleast next oru 3 days diet chat podunga bro so that we can buy the ingredients previously

  23. muthukumar says:

    ** change day 1 diet chart for balanced veg- misplaced the day 5 paleo diet in day 1 balanced veg diet chart

  24. Baby says:

    I click day 1 but I get day 8 chart bro pls chech it

    1. Karthikeyan Kesavaraj says:

      Thanks for letting us know. Its fixed now. Please check again

    2. Karthikeyan Kesavaraj says:

      Its fixed now bro. Please try

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