Balanced Diet Non Veg

Karthikeyan Kesavaraj | 10 Jul 2020

Click on each day to get the diet chart

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17 thoughts on "Balanced Diet Non Veg"

  1. Vikranth prabhu says:

    Bro instead of sugar we added country sugan(nattu sakkarai),,???

  2. நா.கஜேந்திரன் says:

    இனிய காலை வணக்கம் நன்றி

  3. Balu says:

    Super i am support

  4. Shabana asmi says:

    Thanks bro

  5. Nirosha says:

    Anna veetla irukara items vachi sollunga Anna

  6. Nasima says:

    Thank so much

  7. Guru says:

    Bro my weight 110 kg I need ur help for weight lass.. eannaku hep panrinkala.. I’m non veg person so I need that type diet plan..

  8. Gowri says:

    Ji… I am staying in working women hostel.. I can’t follow this balanced diet… Kindly help me to reduce my fat…

  9. Chandradevi says:

    Instead of mutton will you suggest any other receive for dinner. It’s will be really useful because for me its not possible.

    1. Karthikeyan Kesavaraj says:

      you can definitely take chicken

  10. Mahesh S says:

    Hi Vijay sir. Why r u not giving low carb diet chart?

  11. Karunakaran says:

    Balance diet la veg and non veg edukalama

  12. annapoorani rajesh says:

    Nice effort sir,with detailed explanation .

  13. Sathees says:

    I am Sathees
    Balanced diet non veg day 1 link shows day 8 diet chart.. Can you please check and update

  14. Malarvizhi says:

    Hi sir

  15. Shalini Sekar says:

    Hello Vijay,
    I m following your channel and got inspired. Planning to take 100 days challenge from tmrw. I have couple of questions.
    What are the other fruits that i can eat other than mentioned in the chart ? may be any seasonal produces ?
    Is it okay to take both veg and non veg diet chart ? ex : i wanted to do veg on certain days and i can do nonveg other days in a week.

  16. SreepriyaArumugam says:

    Hi sir your videoes are very motivated for me .I also participates newyear challenge.

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